Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grants Dispersed 2

A quarter of the money raised by Sea to Sea cyclist, including myself was allocated into 45 grants for different organizations working for poverty alleviation. Here is the news release:

On April 29, 2009 the Christian Reformed Church Foundation met and considered 51 new grant proposals for the Sea to Sea poverty alleviation fund. By the end of the meeting the Foundation awarded 45 grants and in so doing, awarded all of the designated funds. This is in addition to the previous grants already awarded. It is bittersweet to end this project. We praise God that these funds are available and can be used to assist people in so many communities struggling with poverty, but the board wished there were more funds to distribute. There were so many wonderful projects!

Because of the number of applications and the distribution from Canadian and U.S. organizations, the Foundation board set the maximum grant to U.S. organizations at $7500 and kept the Canadian maximum grant at $10,000. The Foundation board gave priority to applications from CRC or RCA congregations and from those specifically endorsed by a Sea to Sea cyclist.

In total, the Sea to Sea poverty alleviation fund supported 55 projects with about $360,000. Praise God! Thank you cyclists and donors for this stunning outcome.
To see the full list of grants awarded go to this page.


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