Friday, February 22, 2008

Email newsletter

This summer, I'm going to keep using this blog as my main way to keep my family and friends up to date. Unfortunately, blogs and feeds are well known around my friends yet so I've added the option to receive these updates via email. If you'd rather receive emails instead of checking this site click on the link on the top left of this page or click here.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Spinning Classes

Last month, I started spinning classes at East Hills. Basically its a high-calorie burning aerobic exercise. I wasn't sure what to expect (other than what I've heard), but it really got me sweating. Its nice exercising in a class format, as the leader helps encourage and motivate you to give it your all. And its easy to get into routines, so this helps add a little excitement.

Now my heart and legs are stronger than before, as I have better stamina and a lower heart-rate while in class. It's only two hours a week but I am going to start working an additional day on the rollers in my apartment.