Thursday, April 10, 2008

Updates on my preparation

Lots of exciting things are happening or changing.

First, my spinning class ended last week. I know that I have greatly enhanced both my endurance and my strength. At the beginning I was easily out of breath and had a very high heart rate. Now I have to work a lot harder to get out of breath. But I have to transition the technique and stamina to riding on the road.

And now that the weather is better I will be biking outside more. For the last couple of weeks I've gotten out twice a week. But now I'm going to start biking at least 5 times a week. I'm no where near my initial training schedule, but I'm finding out a was a little ambitious in the amount of time I was expected to devout each week.

This last Sunday about 15 of the Sea to Sea cyclists met up at Riverside Park and biked up to Rockford. It was great to meet some new people, but I've already started to learn names of most of the people there. I look forward to doing this again! Here are some pictures from the ride.

Also, I have been focusing this week on deciding what gear I need and what I'm going to take. The only thing is that biking equipment is expensive. So the main items I'm deciding on are: digital camera, shoes, sleeping mat, new parts for my bike, and rain gear.

So only 78 days left till all the cyclists leave! It's seems it was only a little while ago that it was 200 days.

Image used courtesy of Countryboy1949. Some rights reserved.