Sunday, March 16, 2008

And it all begins!

Yesterday marked my inaugural ride for 2008! It's very exciting to think about all the amazing landscapes I'll see; the hills I'll climb; and the beautiful blue sky's I'll ride under.

With all of the ice and most of the snow melted I was able to go biking yesterday from my apartment up to just North of Fifth Third Ball Park. It was wonderful to be able to go outside and to see the coming signs of Spring.

The spinning classes I have been in twice a week have really really helped to strength my body. I have been loosing weight, gaining muscles, and less out of breath when exercising. But I still have to do more training and improve my technique on the road.

Photo courtesy of Docksidepress. The photo is posted under this Creative Commons License.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Minicards - Quick handout for more info

Moo Minicards for SeatoSea
I went ahead and order 100 minicards from Basically they will be similar to business cards informing people what I'm doing this summer, why, and where to get more info. But they are high quality with a wonderful photo on one side and my spiel on the other.

I wanted to use great biking photos to use, so two people where gracious to let me use one or two of their photos. Thanks Judy and Pat! Go check out some of their photos.

Will you be lucky enough to get one?