Sunday, April 5, 2009

Grants Dispersed

This past month the first ten projects received funds from the quarter of the funds set aside for local organizations.

This is exciting and inspiring, especially considering how each grant is basically provided by one cyclist's network of family and friends.

Here is the news release:

The Christian Reformed Church is pleased to announce it has awarded more than $89,000 in Sea to Sea grant funding to 10 deserving projects across North America so far. Of the $1.5 million in proceeds raised by the Sea to Sea 2008 Bike Tour last summer, a significant portion—about $350,000—was entrusted to the Christian Reformed Church Foundation to be awarded in grants for poverty-related programs according to guidelines pre-approved by the Sea to Sea steering committee. This is the first group of projects that has received grant money from that fund.

The CRC Foundation Board met on February 25, 2009, to look over the first 10 grant proposals. At this meeting, the Board decided to cap the gift amount at $10,000 per project, which was within the guidelines, thereby spreading this money out to many communities across the U. S. and Canada. The first group of ten grants totaled $89,920.

With the current economic situation, many organizations have sent in their applications and we expect the remainder of the money to be awarded this year. If you are working on a grant request for Sea to Sea, please send it in to the contact on the application form by April 15th so that the Board can consider it at its next meeting on April 29th. After that meeting, the Board will report all the requests that have received funding, as well as if there is any money left.
To see the full list of grants awarded go to this page.