Monday, June 30, 2008

Day T-1: Waiting to Start

Distance Biked Today: 19.8 miles

Time Spent Biking: 1:33

Starting City: Seattle, WA

Ending City: Seattle, WA

Terrain: Flat

Today was filled with details about the tour, a safety class, meeting lots more people and the first Sunday Celebration.

We all made sure our helmets were adjusted just right and learned some specific bike handling techniques that'll help us this summer.

2008-06-28 Day T-1 Orientation and Preparation 002

2008-06-28 Day T-1 Orientation and Preparation 004

My first ride after getting my bike together was for the safety class. It was hard to stand around while we waited to do our drills, as my legs are so anxious to start, or at least go for a ride. With a couple hours free time, I managed to do just that. I went North on a trail that goes along Lake Washington. It was beautiful to bike along the water while seeing the mountains in the background. What a change in scenery from Michigan! I also took this time to make adjustments to my bike after being packed.

(Notice in the picture below the mountains in the background, and also how well the Sea to Sea jersey colors go with my bike)

2008-06-28 Day T-1 Orientation and Preparation 006

2008-06-28 Day T-1 Orientation and Preparation 011

But I didn't go to far or to fast as I had to get back for the group photo, which I don't have, but did manage to catch some of us going up the stairs. There are so many cyclists (around 120) its amazing! I tried learning names, but I'm starting to give up...


2008-06-28 Day T-1 Orientation and Preparation 008

Tomorrow starts the tour! We start with dipping our tires but more on that tomorrow. If you want you can watch the webcast of it at 9am pacific.


Matt said...

Hey David,
We're excited for you and what lies ahead. Pastor Everett reminded everyone yesterday that today was the big day. You are in our prayers, and we look forward to the updates.
Matt, Gail, and Anna Borst

Rachel said...

Hi, David.

We're watching your progress as a family via the blog. Hope today is a great biking day!

Brad and Rachel Aupperlee
Shawnee Park

Anonymous said...

Hi David - we met you at the Deception Falls Park today on your way up to the top of Stevens Pass. I hope the ride down erased the memory of the hard ride up! We will keep you in our prayers and thoughts and enjoy your journey from our home in Marysville, WA. Bob & Ginger Oliphant

Tracy said...

Hi Dave - We are looking forward to watching the remainder of your journey. What a great experience for you and the community of other cyclists. We hope everything goes well for you.

Chris and Tracy Meengs
Shawnee Park CRC

Dave said...

Thanks everyone for your support.

Bob and Ginger, I just posted some pictures from Deception Falls. Simply beautiful!