Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day T-3: Packing and Partying

Early tomorrow morning I leave for Seattle. It's hard to believe that the day is finally here. However I am anxious to begin and to see you well my preparations have prepared me for this epic tour.

Today, I worked my last day for two months. It was hectic doing my normal work, working on projects that I won't be able to help with for the summer, and moving all my files and items in my cubicle to storage.

I had a blast going to work with lots of my coworkers and said my goodbyes to my them for the summer. Later in the afternoon, my boss pulled me aside and told me I was in trouble and we needed to talk. So he took me to conference room but it ended up being a surprise going-away party. He had me fooled at first! There was a huge cake and tons of people that came to say goodbye. I'm excited and motivated by everyone's support and words of encouragement not only at work but everyone I talk to about it. Thanks Amber, John, Karen and everyone else that helped.

Later in the night I hung out with some friends. We had a great time playing some games and just relaxing.

However the night wasn't over I still had to go home and finish packing. I took my huge pile of stuff and crammed it into two small boxes, while still trying to protect the delicate items. Finally after 2 or so I made it happily to bad. It felt good to be completely packed, trained, and in bed!