Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day 28 Resting in Denver

Today is a rest day, so we woke up late (8 PM) and biked as a group to the school where the celebration rally is planned.

2008-07-27 Day 28 Resting in Denver 001

2008-07-27 Day 28 Resting in Denver 005

At the beginning of the service, we rode as a group around the track. The service was on football field so we sat in the bleachers. The sun was scalding hot, so the lack of wind made it unbearably hot.

The Mayor of Denver was going to come but didn't, so his assistant read his speech. Also the mayor declared today, July 27th, Sea to Sea Ending the Cycle of Poverty Day. Following the service we had lunch provided the local church.

2008-07-27 Day 28 Resting in Denver 010

Here is the Meyer family with Liz and Dave Meyer, and Dave's Dad, Larry.

The locals also provided a bus shuttle to 16th St downtown. Nathan Beach and I walked down the street. There were lots of stores and restaurants, and the street was closed to traffic. We weren't very impressed though so we met up with some other people and rode the lite rail transit back to the school.

2008-07-27 Day 28 Resting in Denver 014

2008-07-27 Day 28 Resting in Denver 016

One of the cyclists that left needed a ride to the airport, so I drove him in a SAG wagon. At about an hour drive, it was further away then I thought. I enjoyed the chance to drive and see the city. Along the way I saw a Northwestern Mutual building. I can't imagine the whole building was for the office.

2008-07-27 Day 28 Resting in Denver 018

I feel really bad because yesterday, one of the cyclists was in a paceline and fell. We went in the ditch, with his shoulder taking the brunt of the fall. He broke his collarbone and split his helmet in two. Unfortunately, he needs surgery as if off the tour. Tyler is from Grand Rapids and a great bike, so I am really sad to see him leave. He also found out little side excursions that we could do, like Shoshone falls, and Dinosaur National Park. He let me borrow his tripod which I can mount on my bike and a bike bag, so I hope to take some great videos with it.

As I had mentioned yesterday I received a mail package from Katie. Here is a sample of the artwork!

2008-07-27 Day 28 Resting in Denver 025


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Anonymous said...

Yea for kids' pictures! I told my class that you got their pictures and that you liked them. Peter asked, "Will he not give up now?" and I told him you'd not give up :) Keep up the good work.

Dave said...

That's too cute!