Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 38 Sioux Center to Algona

Distance Biked Today: 116 miles

Time Spent Biking: 7:26

Avg Speed: 15.5 mph

Max speed: 38.6 mph

Total Distance Biked: 2384 miles

Today was the day with the longest distance. Most of us have been nervous about today and the next two days as they are all 100+ miles days.

2008-08-06 Day 38 Sioux Center to Algona 003

While I was getting ready this morning it started to rain. This added to everyone's anxiety. But it stopped raining for a bit when I headed to breakfast. So I headed out, but then we were biking the same way the storm was moving so I caught up to the storm and was rained on. After noon it cleared up and after a couple of hours I was mostly dry, but dirty.

2008-08-06 Day 38 Sioux Center to Algona 010

It seems ironic to have the first day of rain on the longest mileage day! I would take the rain over the headwind of last week or the heat of the western states any day.

Along the route two churches provided food, including donuts, coffee, Gatorade, fruit and Powerbars.

2008-08-06 Day 38 Sioux Center to Algona 005

The day went good but it was long. At the end though I didn't feel as tired or sore as I usually do, so I have confidence is having a good day tomorrow. I can't ever imagine doing that distance again though.

We were ushered in at the end by a nice tail wind that made the last twenty miles go by easily and quickly.

Tonight we stayed at a elementary school, where I cleaned all the sand and dirt off my bike, especially the chain and gears. Seeing how the school was made for younger people some of us found it challenging adapting, especially the tall folks. Here Nathan Beach is brushing his teeth.

2008-08-06 Day 38 Sioux Center to Algona 023

We found this bug there. It was huge at about four inches long. It turns out it is a Eastern Dobsonfly. Thanks Anne.

2008-08-06 Day 38 Sioux Center to Algona 022

2008-08-06 Day 38 Sioux Center to Algona 024

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Anne said...

Ok, so I hate bugs, and that picture seriously....yuck. But anyways, I really wanted to know what it was so I did some research
check it out...but that is one nasty bug