Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day 37 Sioux City to Sioux Center

Distance Biked Today: About 66 miles (my computer stopped working so I'm not sure)

Max speed: 29.2 mph

Total Distance Biked: 2267 miles

Today we biked up and down rolling hills. Some people complained, but I love these. My knees are stronger again and I love flying up the hills pedaling and then coasting down them.

Everywhere we look there is corn and soy beans. The crops look perfect too. Perfectly straight rows, height and consistency in color. Simply amazing. Just think of all the items that you eat and drink (pop) that have corn syrup in it and maybe I bike passed that corn!

2008-08-05 Day 37 Sioux City to Sioux Center 002

A local church on the way invited us to stop for root beer floats and smoothies. And boy do they know how to make awesome smoothies. Some people had three of each. But I stuck with only one because I know it can sit like a rock in my stomach as I cycle.

2008-08-05 Day 37 Sioux City to Sioux Center 007

It is a short day, so Nick Ellens wanted to take a short detour to Orange City where he was born only adding about 5 miles to the day.

2008-08-05 Day 37 Sioux City to Sioux Center 013

We saw the house where he was born, but nobody was home. So he went next door to the same neighbor as when he lived there. His mom had been in contact with her via Christmas cards so she knew a little about Nick. She also invited all (Nick, Julie, Paul, Aaron and I) in and we talked for a bit. (Also, Brittany is from Orange City and joined the tour for the day)

2008-08-05 Day 37 Sioux City to Sioux Center 018

Orange City is very Dutch. All the building are in the style of buildings from Holland. We even stopped at a Dutch Bakery (opps, Julie had her mouth full).

2008-08-05 Day 37 Sioux City to Sioux Center 020

I had an Almond Pretzel.

2008-08-05 Day 37 Sioux City to Sioux Center 021

2008-08-05 Day 37 Sioux City to Sioux Center 026

We are staying at Dordt College tonight. They have been very generous and have let us stay in dorms and they have AC! This will be my first time sleeping in a bed for 37 days! We had a celebration service tonight even!

2008-08-05 Day 37 Sioux City to Sioux Center 029

They also provided dinner and breakfast for us. They baked pies and Pizza Ranch donated pizza! Yes Pizza for the first time! Of course thought they underestimated the amount of food we'd eat and we ran out, but they even brought us more pizza! Thanks.2008-08-05 Day 37 Sioux City to Sioux Center 033

2008-08-05 Day 37 Sioux City to Sioux Center 034

Also Greg Dyke left us today. We'll miss you!

2008-08-05 Day 37 Sioux City to Sioux Center 038

Everyone is anxious about tomorrow. It is a 114 mile day. The longest day on the tour and many people haven't biked that far, so we don't know what to expect.

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Everett said...

Man, you sure can photograph food! That almond pretzel had my mouth watering.

Know that we are continuing to pray for you. We are looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Hi David,
We met you back in Sunnyside WA on the 4th of July. We have been reading your blogs, looking at your photos & following your progress since then. We have really enjoyed reading about & seeing the trip through your eyes. We were especially thrilled to see the great pictures you posted of our former church in IA -Ireton CRC- the church that served you root beer floats & smoothies. It was fun to see pictures of friends that we haven't seen in awhile. I'm glad you also traveled to Orange City for a little Dutch treat. O.C. is a unique town, but then again you have probably experienced many unique towns along your trip. Have a good week as you plan to arrive in your hometown this week end. We continue to pray for the group's safety.
Karen & Randy Altena

Tracy said...

Thank you so much for keeping up an awesome blog. We love reading it. Your photos are amazing. Praise God for good weather. It looks like you are getting a great tan. What an amazing experience to travel across the country, but you are also so committed to raising awareness about hunger. You are doing such an awesome job. Keep up the good work!

Chris and Tracy Meengs
Shawnee Park CRC

Dave said...

Thanks everyone for you encouragement and kind words.

I hope to have some more pictures up soon!

Anonymous said...

I love that there is a town named "orange city" :>