Monday, August 4, 2008

Day 30 Fort Morgan to Wray

Distance Biked Today:  87.74 miles

Time Spent Biking:  5:47

Avg Speed: 15 mph

Max speed: 27 mph

Total Distance Biked: 1639 miles

Today my knees felt a lot better. So I'm glad I took a day of last week.

The roads today weren't very exciting, just straight roads that lead off to the horizon.

Road names aren't very exciting either except for this road named CRC. This is fitting as the denomination that the tour is organized by is the Christian Reformed Church, hence CRC. So this deserves a pic.

2008-07-29 Day 30 Fort Morgan to Wray 003

We stopped along the way at a local eatery where I had a awesome shake. I think they were excited to see all of us. A local person asked us what we're doing (this happens many times throughout the day) and she immediately went and called the newspaper. She was excited about what we're doing and wanted to publicize. She was impatient with the reporter that was going to come, so she went home and got her camera so they could have pictures. It turns out that the reporter was at a donut shop with other cyclists, and afterwards came over to us. Its always exciting to see others support of the tour.

2008-07-29 Day 30 Fort Morgan to Wray 005



2008-07-29 Day 30 Fort Morgan to Wray 006

2008-07-29 Day 30 Fort Morgan to Wray 009

2008-07-29 Day 30 Fort Morgan to Wray 010

My friend Art Smit is fairly sure he has tendonitis so he has been taking time off and helping on the support crew. Today he helped grill chicken.

I also slept on the playground again tonight. Its exciting to save ten minutes in the morning by not having to take my tent down.

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