Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day 35 Resting in Fremont

2008-08-03 Day 35 Resting in Fremont 001

Today was a day to rest and rejuvenate. I have been very tired so I skipped the celebration services that were over an hour away to spend some quiet time and sleep in. As such I didn't take many pictures.

I did miss the great lunches that come after celebration services so I went with Nathan Beach to a local diner. As usual, two ladies asked about us and we explained. They were excited and thrilled about us. Beside letting us know that they'll be praying for us, they paid for our meal on the way out! This was amazing and gracious of them. Every day we hear stories like this that help us understand that the communities that we occupy shortly are behind us but more importantly our cause.

However, I don't feel like I deserve to have a meal paid for. The focus of the tour is on helping those impoverished, so I'll contribute the cost of my meal to the tour as I don't feel right having a free meal that I could pay for when others in the world die from starvation. So thanks to these strangers they have made a contribution to feeding the hungry.

After the meal, I was on duty to drive a shuttle of dirty laundry folks to the laundramat. While I waited for them I went to Starbucks, where several other bikers where. After uploading some photos I went to leave, and the barista gave me a free frappacino. How exciting and it was great to see her support of the tour!

This weekend we tented outside a YMCA hockey rink. It was a hot and humid night last night. Tonight the Lutheran church across the street heard about us and opened there doors along with tons of food (they didn't know how much us bikers eat; they had to keep buying food). We also could sleep inside. It was a beautiful church with a cascade waterfall over a glass pane. Amazing!

I had a bad night of sleep though. I took to long of a nap during the day, so I didn't fall asleep until 12:30. This made for a bad Monday, but we'll talk about that later.

Also, Shawn Luimes left today. I enjoyed biking with him the day into Willard City and also was with me when I fell and needed stitches. He is missed!

Remember you can still participate by making a donation here.

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