Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 43 Madison to Woodstock

Distance Biked Today:   miles

Time Spent Biking: 

Avg Speed:   mph

Max speed:  mph

Total Distance Biked: miles

Today was a perfect day to find a coffee shop and hang around for a bit. Unfortunately I didn't find any, except one which ended up being closed.

About twenty miles in, just after where Julie, a sag wagon driver, was parked I turned a corner and a bug flew right in my mouth. I've had several hit my glasses, or helmet before, but his bug went right in my mouth. I promptly spit it out just after it stung me on the tongue. I don't know what it was but I believe it had to be a bee.

Delevan CRC had a lunch stop for us with ample food. I love stopping and relaxing, chatting with people from the area. Also, it was a great spot for a stop in the day as it was towards the end of the ride. So much so that I took a nap on the lawn.

Day 43 Madison to Woodstock

Day 43 Madison to Woodstock (2)

Day 43 Madison to Woodstock (4)

We went by this beautiful lake, but I just had a nap so I figured I shouldn't stop again.

Day 43 Madison to Woodstock (5)

Today we crossed over into Illinois. The road wasn't major enough to have a welcome to Illinois sign so we made one.

Day 43 Madison to Woodstock (6)

Nope this isn't the Woodstock you're thinking about. I also caught up to Dave and Liz and enjoyed riding the last part of the day with them.

Day 43 Madison to Woodstock (7)

It felt great today and could have biked more, but I was still glad to get to Woodstock and set aside my bike for the night.

Day 43 Madison to Woodstock (9)

I switched over my back wheel tonight to the replacement one I got this last weekend. Larry helped me switch the cassette over and taught me some useful tricks.

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