Monday, September 15, 2008

Day 53 Chatham to London

Distance Biked Today:  77.7 miles

Time Spent Biking:  6:18

Avg Speed:  12.2 mph

Max speed: 31.8 mph

Total Distance Biked: 3388 miles

As we bike through Canada there are going to be lots of people cheering us on and many refreshment stops. I'm excited for all the support and encouragement. Plus, I've never biked in Canada before.

There is so much corn on this continent. Where does it all go?!

2008-08-21 Day 53 Chatham to London 011

There were many farm houses that had a lot of amazing accents. I'm used to plain farm houses in Michigan.

2008-08-21 Day 53 Chatham to London 013

Here the Meyer's and I pass through Tender Tootsies. Kind of ironic, huh?

2008-08-21 Day 53 Chatham to London 015

2008-08-21 Day 53 Chatham to London 037

Hope Community CRC invited us for lunch. Thanks!

2008-08-21 Day 53 Chatham to London 042

Once in London we had a lots of food and people welcoming us. There were cookies, donuts, chocolate milk, ice cream, and more.

2008-08-21 Day 53 Chatham to London 065

So after eating a couple cookies, I took the pedals off my bike and left with about a dozen others to the Forest City Velodrome. A Velodrome is a indoor oval bike track with highly banked turns. This one in particular is 138 meters with 50 degree (!) banking. It was scary walking in there and thinking that I would be biking almost sideways in a couple minutes.

2008-08-21 Day 53 Chatham to London 071

I took my pedals from my other bike as we can't ride our bikes in here. They have to be fixed gear bikes, so we rode the ones they provided with our own pedals. Fixed gear bikes only have one gear and the pedals are directly tied to the wheel. So whenever the wheel moves the pedals move. Notice how there are no brakes. You brake by stopping your legs from pedaling. This bikes are required, because if there were any braking with normal brakes would most likely cause an accident.

2008-08-21 Day 53 Chatham to London 081

We spent about an hour learning how to bike properly in the velodrome, spending most of the time below the banked part. We then biked with half of the group on the banked part. It is so steep and daunting as you go into the turns. There are so many different things to consider as your biking, including staying on the correct part of the track so your pedals don't hit the course. We weren't allowed to go very high, but the bottom is actually the fastest part, so we spent most of our time down there.

At the end of our time we got to go solo on the track. It was a lot of fun. As you go into the turn you are flipped sideways and can feel you body being pushed into the turn by centrifugal force. It's really exhilarating to bike in the velodrome. I will definitely like to go again.

2008-08-21 Day 53 Chatham to London 132

We had to do a podium shot!

2008-08-21 Day 53 Chatham to London 115

2008-08-21 Day 53 Chatham to London 141

We had an amazing dinner of hamburgers, corn and many other things. Plus tons and tons of desserts!

2008-08-21 Day 53 Chatham to London 143

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Unknown said...

Thanks for posting again Dave! I'm still curious to see if you make it back ok ;)