Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 54 London to Hamilton

Distance Biked Today:  81.69 miles

Time Spent Biking:  5:30

Avg Speed:  14.7 mph

Max speed: 35.2 mph

Total Distance Biked: 3479 miles

Today we had many stops again. It was exciting to see everyone support us and provide tasty timely treats.

The first stop was at cyclist Aleida’s parents houses, where they had muffins and coffee. I had just breakfast, so stopped but didn’t eat anything. Ingersoll Christian Reformed Church was the second stop where they had lots of breakfast goodies also. Also, Corrine’s family had water and other goodies.

2008-08-22 Day 54 London to Hamilton 007

Another church had lunch for us, with sandwiches, fruit, cookies, cake, drinks, and other items.

2008-08-22 Day 54 London to Hamilton 016

A tractor pulled in front up me at one point and wasn’t going to fast. I caught up to them and they sped up trying not to slow me down, so I got close to them and started drafting them. It felt great! Until I realized that the next food stop was a hundred feet ahead. So I only drafted them for a couple hundred feet.

2008-08-22 Day 54 London to Hamilton 017

And then another church had coffee and Timbits (donut holes), of which I ate about a dozen. They were so good. Then Dirk’s small group had goodies at their house too! Once we got to Redeemer the church on the North side of the campus had drinks, popsicles, chips (I ate a lot of chips), and more. This is mainly what today was comprised of.

2008-08-22 Day 54 London to Hamilton 030

2008-08-22 Day 54 London to Hamilton 035

Once at Redeemer, I went to a local family who opened their pool to us. It was hot so I was excited to go swimming. I swam for a little, spent time going through my pictures and emailing. No one was there and no one else ended up showing up surprisingly. I had fun talking with them and relaxing. It’s weird to step back a little and think that I’m at a strangers house in a city I don’t know swimming at their pool and sitting on their deck talking to the children. This tour has brought me to some many different places where we are are constantly meeting strangers and exercise their hospitality.

2008-08-22 Day 54 London to Hamilton 045

At dinner, they kept running out of food. This seems like a constant for our trip when schools had food for us. They underestimate the amount of food we’re going to have (even though in the end we have enough food). I just find it funny.

2008-08-22 Day 54 London to Hamilton 057

Even though I was very tired I went out for drinks with Art and his friends, Aaron, and Jonathan. I even watched a little of the Olympics while enjoying everyone's company.

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