Monday, September 15, 2008

Day 50 Grand Rapids to Laingsburg

Distance Biked Today:  69.78 miles

Time Spent Biking:  4:22

Avg Speed: 15.9  mph

Total Distance Biked: 3156 miles

Today I had to leave my nice bed in the morning, get in the car and go to Calvin to start my ride.

I noticed a bulge in my back tire this morning, but forgot my spare at home so I was going to bike the day on it. But it seemed like it would pop, so I borrowed a tire and swapped it. The new tire was a different size and I realized later that it didn't fit. It was rubbing on the frame, so I fudged it so it would work but I promptly changed it tonight.

Calvary Christian Reformed Church of Lowell hosted us for a refreshment stop. I took a picture of their signup list showing all the work that they did to organize this stop. I had quiche and OJ there! Thanks for everything.

2008-08-18 Day 50 Grand Rapids to Laingsburg 001

2008-08-18 Day 50 Grand Rapids to Laingsburg 004

Our route followed David Hwy for a while. Winds pushed us to Sleepy Hollow State Park making the ride very easy. I was cruising at 20+ mph. I wanted to go faster but thought I would take it easy as we have a long day tomorrow. It felt so good to have a tailwind!

2008-08-18 Day 50 Grand Rapids to Laingsburg 006

I have spent several days biking with Lynn Verros. Last Tuesday on the bike path in Illinois a sunflower wrapped around her handlebars and caused her to fall right on her knee. After a couple days of rest, and a couple of days biking, she decided yesterday to leave the tour. Her knee was very swollen and wouldn't have improved. I didn't get to say goodbye to her. I'll miss talking and biking with her.

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L Verros said...

Hi Dave! Congratulations on your arrival in Jersey City. I sure wish I could have ridden with you a few more days. As a matter of fact, I wish I was on my bike right now...Thanks for pulling me along in your wake. My knee is much improved, although it still swells after biking :-(