Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 49 Resting in Grand Rapids

I get to rest today! Well at least not bike. I went to the service at Shawnee Park the morning and updated them on the tour. I didn't prepare what I was going to say as much as I would have liked but it turned out great. It was a great service and I passed on lots of good information about the tour and what God has done through it. The service encouraged me and it was great to see people that I know well.

This picture was in the bulletin and on the screen during the service. It is a pictojaunt by Robin Jensen, who gave me permission to post it here.

I keep hearing about how many of you have been reading my blog. Thanks! If you haven't told me, please comment to let me know.

I then had supper at home.

2008-08-17 Day 49 Resting in Grand Rapids 002

Stopped at my apartment. And then went to the celebration rally at Fifth Third Park. Shane Claiborne spoke to us about gentleness.

2008-08-17 Day 49 Resting in Grand Rapids 008 Stitch

2008-08-17 Day 49 Resting in Grand Rapids 027

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Tracy said...

Thanks for continuing to update your blog. We were excited to see about your days in GR. Keep the posts coming!

The Meengs
Shawnee Park CRC