Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 60 Binghamton to Dalton

Distance Biked Today:  57.3 miles

Time Spent Biking: 3:45

Avg Speed: 15.2 mph

Max speed: 40.6 mph

Total Distance Biked: 3835 miles

Today we entered Pennsylvania. As we got closer to the mountains we had more quick climbs. Also, you could notice a big difference in road quality as they roads in Pennsylvania are much worse. In face, right after this sign half of the road was closed indefinitely, leaving only lane for two-way traffic.

2008-08-28 Day 60 Binghamton to Dalton 001

We stopped and had breakfast in a town, I don’t remember where. Three gentlemen were already there for their morning coffee. Surprisingly they already knew about the tour and the details about it. This I believe is a first for me, usually people don’t know about us before we pass through. They were great guys and it was wonderful talking to them. In fact, one man (I believe Ross was his name) had his picture taken with us and paid for our breakfast. What a treat, even though I don’t feel like I deserve it.

2008-08-28 Day 60 Binghamton to Dalton 004

Also we saw an article about us in the front of the newspaper. Oddly the article below it discussing the new artificial field that the school we stayed at last night just unveiled, which cost $2 millon dollars. Oddly, this is the amount of money we’ve raised.

2008-08-28 Day 60 Binghamton to Dalton 006

Remember, I mentioned crappy rodes? This is a huge pothole, even though it’s hard to tell from this angle.

2008-08-28 Day 60 Binghamton to Dalton 025

Below is Tunkhannock Viaduct which is a railroad track that crosses this valley. I’m biking with the Bonner’s again today. James and I attempted to climb up to the bridge but the path we thought led to the top ended up just twisting around.

2008-08-28 Day 60 Binghamton to Dalton 037

2008-08-28 Day 60 Binghamton to Dalton 043 Stitch

When we reached the bridge my stomach started to not feel to good, so I decided to have some pizza. I knew it was probably a bad decision but it actually helped me feel better.

2008-08-28 Day 60 Binghamton to Dalton 049

We then had a couple more really steep hills which went up to 14% grade, which led us to the state park where we spent the night. It looked like it was going to rain, and it did.

Tomorrow’s a big day as we have the highest amount of total climbing in one day!

Remember you can still participate by making a donation here.

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Anonymous said...

It was nice meeting you and your group when you stopped for breakfast in Great Bend Township (and thanks for the mention!). I applaud you in your cause and wish you the best of luck. At this point I'm sure you're home, but I know you've made a lifetime of memories and I've enjoyed reading about your adventures!

Ross (