Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 57 St. Catharine’s to Byron

Distance Biked Today: 81.7 miles

Time Spent Biking:  5:25

Avg Speed:  14.9 mph

Max speed: 31.4 mph

Total Distance Biked: 3618 miles

Today I’m on sweep again. Since I’m one of the last people to leave I could make this time-lapse of the gear trailer in the morning, including the end when we pack it with all the duffels. If you look in the back at the end you can see me throwing the duffel bags in.

Today we crossed the border at the Rainbow Bridge back into the U.S.A. The last couple of miles before the border brought us right along the canyon. It was wonderful to bike along the edge and have so many beautiful things to look at.

2008-08-25 Day 57 St. Catharines to Byron 006

2008-08-25 Day 57 St. Catharines to Byron 011

2008-08-25 Day 57 St. Catharines to Byron 015 Stitch

All the cyclists met up at a parking lot near the bridge. Once we were all there, we biked as a group, passports ready, over the Rainbow Bridge and onto customs. It was beautiful crossing the bridge and seeing Niagara Falls just on our right and to see all of us cyclists in the same jersey and as a group. We were expecting to stop and have to show our passport, but the customs guards waved us through. Our tour organizer and the head official at the border had been planning our crossing for a while. He was so impressed when he saw us going over the bridge and orderly he told his guards to wave us through. I was amazed!

2008-08-25 Day 57 St. Catharines to Byron 044

Once on the American side, we biked out to the islands by the falls, including Luna Island. On the furthest island, we could have walked in the water just up from the falls, no railing or nothing. Plus the falls were a lot quieter now as it was a Monday morning compared to a Saturday evening.

Sea to Sea 171

I joined up with the Bonner’s after a while. We then found a restaurant where we had barbeque sandwiches. Plus we took some wacky pictures!

2008-08-25 Day 57 St. Catharines to Byron 064

At the end of the day the Bonner’s and I sprinted several times. I couldn’t keep up with them so I drafted them for a ways at 30 mph +. Wow, we were going fast!

Sea to Sea 175

It was a cold night too. We really layered up.

2008-08-25 Day 57 St. Catharines to Byron 067

Some other campers at the campground we stayed at wanted to play music for us on their bass, Viola, and guitar.

2008-08-25 Day 57 St. Catharines to Byron 071

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