Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 58 Byron to Romulus

Distance Biked Today: 79.9 miles

Time Spent Biking: 4:59

Avg Speed: 15.9 mph

Max speed: 38 mph

Total Distance Biked: 3679 miles

2008-08-26 Day 58 Byron to Romulus 005

Today I rode with the Bonner’s again. We stopped in a city and had some breakfast at a restaurant. There was a bunch of us already there who had the same idea. There were only a couple locals there and one waitress, but we took up the rest of the place, severely overwhelm them. We ended up getting our own coffee and busing our tables.

The Bonner’s really cruised along today so I just stayed behind them and followed along. We passed a lot of people on all the rolling hills.

East Palmyra CRC came down from their hometown and setup lunch for us at a farm. It was great food and a great place to stop in the day. I took a nap on the grass.

2008-08-26 Day 58 Byron to Romulus 010

2008-08-26 Day 58 Byron to Romulus 013

Going down a small hill later, I hit something that made a inch long gash in both my tire and tube. So I put a new tube in the bad tire and used a dollar bill in the tire to keep the tube from coming out of the gash. Luckily James is from around here so he knew where the bike shop is in Geneva. So, I hobbled into Geneva and bought a new tire, and a water bottle. I then used the bike stand in the shop to change the tire. There were helpful and interested about what we’re doing. I also forgot to get a picture!

2008-08-26 Day 58 Byron to Romulus 016

As we went around the north end of Seneca Lake we stopped for ice cream. They were very generous with the soft serve ice cream!

2008-08-26 Day 58 Byron to Romulus 020

2008-08-26 Day 58 Byron to Romulus 031

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