Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 10 La Grande to Baker City

Distance Biked Today:  50.9 miles

Time Spent Biking:  3:16

Avg Speed:  15.4 mph

Max speed: 34.4 mph

Total Distance Biked: 512 miles

I woke up today not wanting too bike. The last few days were tiring and took a lot of determination. Once I got on the road though knowing that it was a shorter day, my attitude was more positive. I had decided the night before to bike by myself so that I could more easily go at my own pace and stop more frequently.

2008-07-08 Day 10 La Grande to Baker City 002

After the first twenty miles I decided to stop for coffee. I don't really drink coffee but I thought it would be a great way to slow down and enjoy the town I was passing through. It was relaxing to sit, look and take in all the sights.

2008-07-08 Day 10 La Grande to Baker City 006

2008-07-08 Day 10 La Grande to Baker City 012

2008-07-08 Day 10 La Grande to Baker City 013

I made a point of the next three cities to stop and do a little sight seeing, or to just slow down at least. In Haines, I went to the local museum which had many pieces that had so many stories of where they had been and what they were used for.

2008-07-08 Day 10 La Grande to Baker City 019

2008-07-08 Day 10 La Grande to Baker City 021

2008-07-08 Day 10 La Grande to Baker City 023

I made it into town just after noon. So I took the time to go to Safeway, and to a local hamburger place to have a burger.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, I love to see your updates! It's nice that you are taking us along as you tour the country! We'll be praying for your safety and that you won't get so tired and sore! I should see Nate and Tara this week Saturday at Mike's wedding, and then next weekend it's off to Lake Leelanau. It will be strange to not see you there. But, we'll have the computer along, so we'll stay updated! Happy biking!

Lisa TenHarkel(Baas)

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are great. I've only been out once, so I envy the scenery. It's amazing how many types you are seeing. And they really aren't kidding about the "amber waves of grain" are they? Wow. Glad you are having a good time and having so many new experiences. Bike on! :>

Unknown said...

Keep heart Dave, you are doing a fantastic job. You also have one of the best blogs (I've checked them all). Keep up the awesome work, and Katie and I are praying for you!

Anonymous said...


I am in complete awe of the incredible feat you all are embarking upon. Thanks for the updates. You are in my prayers daily. I'll second Lisa's comments in that it will be very different up at Leelanau without you. We'll miss you, but will be thinking of you and praying for you! Take care!

Heidi Budd (Kaiser)

Anonymous said...

Hi David: I am enjoying watching your journey and the scenery pictures are incredible. This is something you will never forget. May God give you the strength you need each day to keep going.

Rachel said...

We're in your corner. Hang in there! Glad you're taking some time to enjoy the sights.

Brad and Rachel Aupperlee

Anonymous said...

David, what an adventure! I noticed that you rode 3:16 today and immediately thought of "God so loved the world.... " You are seeing a lot of His beautiful creation - keep up the good work! Jane and David Daining