Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 15 Boise to Mountain Home

Distance Biked Today: 56.9 miles

Time Spent Biking: 3:22

Avg Speed: 17 mph <- What a good average!

Max speed: 36.3 mph

Total Distance Biked: miles

Day 15 Boise to Mountain Home (18) Stitch

Saturday was a drag for me. I got really sore so it got harder and harder to bike. So, I was dreading today. I had changed the position of my bike seat on Friday so I think that caused the soreness. So I changed it back today, making today tons better. In fact today was great and seemed easy. It was fairly flat, if not downhill just a little most of the way. However today is going to be the easiest and shortest day this week as we crescendo up to a long day Saturday ending in a ridiculously long climb.

Day 15 Boise to Mountain Home

Also we had a strong tailwind that bumped my speed of a lot. I think that I had the highest average speed yet. This is encouraging. However don't think that because today was easy that means that it wasn't work. Everyday has very challenging parts and every pedal stroke still takes effort.

Day 15 Boise to Mountain Home (1)

It was a good day to focus on getting to Mountain Home and going fast. The scenery was just desert and dull. There were no towns and only an occasional house. I'm looking forward to forests and trees.

When we turned onto Desert Wind Road we weren't surprised at the name. However Ocean View? Someone has an interesting sense of humor.

Day 15 Boise to Mountain Home (23)