Today is a rest day in Park City at Jordanelle State Park. I love that we are at a state park and not a school. There isn't group camping so we have about fifty campsites for all of us. I found a nice spot on the far side of the hill over looking the water. It was nice and secluded so it was great to have time to myself, instead of waking up each morning to the clanging of early-birds clanging their tent poles as they take their tent down.

Doug Lutke found a cell phone today, so I tracked down the owner and left it at the ranger station. So that's two phones I've rescued this week. I was clever though and put my Sea to Sea card in it so maybe they'll make a donation.

I went into Park City and walked through town. I bought my groceries and then went back and relaxed a little.

2008-07-20 Day 21 Rest in Park City 001

2008-07-20 Day 21 Rest in Park City 002

2008-07-20 Day 21 Rest in Park City 003

2008-07-20 Day 21 Rest in Park City 005

2008-07-20 Day 21 Rest in Park City 006

Then it was a potluck dinner and celebration service by the local church. They also brought some local beers so it was great trying some. I then went back to my campsite and read and went to bed early. I hope we stay at more places like this.

During dinner, a storm was blowing through and it sprinkled a little and blewing like mad. Afterwards, a full rainbow appeared. Little did I know that for the next four nights would we see rainbows.


Anonymous said...

still loving all the gorgeous scenery. what a lovely trip. congrats on your century. i especially like the photo with the row of multi-colored houses. :>

Everett said...

Some tough climbing indeed! And yet still enough time to help out those in need. You are indeed the Good Samaritan of the cell phone world.

Keep it up, David. We're praying for you and very much enjoying your photos and commentary.

Anonymous said...


What incredible pictures--you are getting to see some incredible parts of the country! I read about Polygamy Porter--I've had it--well worth the purchase! Had a great week in Leelanau and wondered if your rides around the lake would ever compare to what you are seeing now! It'll be a breeze for you. Take care! Heidi