Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 16 Mountain Home to Gooding

Distance Biked Today:  63.9 miles

Time Spent Biking:  4:41

Avg Speed:  13.6 mph

Max speed: 35.1 mph

Total Distance Biked: 807 miles

Today was a good day. A couple dozen of us took some wrong turns but we got here in good time. I'll post my photos online in the next couple of days, but otherwise I'm not going to write much here.

2008-07-15 Day 16 Mountain Home to Gooding 033

Highlight for the day: skipping dinner at camp and going to a local pizza place by myself. I enjoyed both the solitude and the great pizza. But I ate to much.

2008-07-15 Day 16 Mountain Home to Gooding 034

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Also check out more of my photos here.


Anonymous said...

Hi David, Great thing your doing out there. I hope you meet your goal and no doubt you will have a great experiance, let alone a great ride. Great pictures and blog. I enjoy reading it. Keep it up. From Lake Leelanua, Karen & Len Engler

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics David... thanks for posting them. Notice you're reading "Into Thin Air" I just finished it last week - sitting in a summer chalet at a rocky mountain lodge in Canada - and loved it. Hope it inspires you for those next few climbs.

John Van Sloten (2005 C2C'er)

Dave said...

Len, thanks for the encouragment. We'll have to go for a ride next year.

John, ironically I'm finding a lot of similarites in the book as the ride. Good eye!