Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 13 Ontario to Boise

Distance Biked Today: 68.3 miles

Time Spent Biking: 4:39

Avg Speed: 14.6 mph

Max speed: 39.2 mph

Total Distance Biked: miles

2008-07-12 Day 13 Ontario to Boise 001

Right away this morning we crossed into Idaho. Another state that I haven't been to before.2008-07-12 Day 13 Ontario to Boise 004 Stitch

Today was a tough day. I switched my seat around at the end of the day yesterday and it ended up being in a worse spot. But I didn't realize this until the end of the day, causing me very sore legs. I was anxious to get to camp.

2008-07-12 Day 13 Ontario to Boise 020

Ontario has crazy street names! The first turn of the day was unto 4th Street. However we passed three 4th streets which lead to lots of confused bikers! To add to that the cross street names also were numbers.

2008-07-12 Day 13 Ontario to Boise 024

2008-07-12 Day 13 Ontario to Boise 025

Towards the end I had two flats on my back tire. There are thorns here called Goat Heads that have caused many flats. I changed it quickly, however I was so anxious to get it changed that I forgot to look for what caused it. So this caused the second flat, but this time I didn't forget to check for the thorn. So I'm at a total of three flats.

2008-07-12 Day 13 Ontario to Boise 032

Today was another hot dry day. I don't even feel the sweat on my face anymore, because it just evaporates immediately. However at the end of the day my face is covered is salt and dry skin.

2008-07-12 Day 13 Ontario to Boise 022

Also below is a time lapse video of setting up camp during the first week. If you look closely you see me working on my bike about half way through in the bottom left corner.

Setting up camping at Sunnyside Christian High School - Time Lapse from Dave Teitsma on Vimeo.

Below is a video of my safety group starting at Golden Garden Park on the first day. It's not the best but this moment was symbolic of the start of the tour!

starting the trip from Dave Teitsma on Vimeo.

Also, last Wednesday I had mentioned that I got four stitches. What happened was that I was done riding for the day, but I was going to ride into town and explore. However there was a car behind us so I was going to ride on the sidewalk, however there was a little lip on the sidewalk so I fell when I hit it. Somehow when I fell I scratched my eyebrow and it bleed like mad. Before I knew it there was blood everywhere. So I grabbed my handkerchief and then the camp nurse came and we went to the ER so I could get a couple stitches. It wasn't a bad fall and didn't hurt, but somehow I got a really bad cut.

2008-07-03 Day 5 Yakima to Sunnyside 029


Melody said...


Just wanted to say I loved the time lapse video of camp. And also that you are very gifted at taking photographs and it has really been a blessing to see a glimpse of all you are seeing. We continue to pray daily for your safety and follow along with the devotions. I'll pray for lots of shade and no flats....how about that?

Melody VA

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
Thanks for posting all the pictures. I really liked the time lapse video too. Tim and I are praying for you and look forward to seeing you in a month :)

Everett said...

Hi David!

It's been fun to follow your progress, your ups and downs, your excitement at crossing into new states and your honest assessment of the trials of the journey. Keep at it, we're praying for you!

Everett VH

Anonymous said...

Dave, I gotta say, I'm really enjoying following this journey with you. Today, I love the pie. I'm making homemade raspberry pie tomorrow. :> And the cow grates. I've never seen or heard of those before, so that's cool to learn. And I still love all the scenery! I'll show the boys some more soon.

p.s. Luke feel on his head today and told me that "I hurt myself where Dave got his stitches." :>

Anonymous said...

Hi David -- I just discovered your blog and am struck by your artistic eye and attention to compositional detail -- thanks for taking the time to share with us computer-chair "riders". It's very generous of you to give us glimpses into your days.

We pray for you all daily and follow along with the devotional. My husband, Pieter Pereboom, will be joining the mighty throng in the Grand Rapids area, and later that week you'll be rolling through our town -- London, Ontario. Hope to meet you then.

May God keep the wind at your back and the goatheads far from your tires!

Dave said...

Thanks for your encouragement everyone! I hope too update the blog soon, but the days have been so long recently...

Melody, I'm glad you're enjoying the photos, so am I.

Katie, I look forward to seeing you!

Ben, Thanks for the encouragement. I also found your bands myspace page before I left. I like the music! I'll have to come to a concert.

Margaret, I look forward to seeing you too.