Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 14 Resting in Boise

First, I'd like to thank two other cycling bloggers who I have gotten ideas for this blog and motivation to chronicle my journey this way. First, Rob Thomson at 14degrees.org and also Marcus at cyclingwithoutborders.org

2008-07-13 Day 14 Resting in Boise

Today was a great day! We got to sleep in and most importantly we didn't have to take down camp. Even though it doesn't take to long, I am beginning to dread taking my tent down each day.

The celebration service today was in a park along the river. What an awesome place to have a service out in the open. There we sang and heard from several local groups that are working to end poverty in the Boise area. This was encouraging to hear. Also, the theme for the devotional for our tour is the fruits of the spirit. Since it is the start of the third week we are on Peace. Then we had hamburgers and hot dogs provided by the local church.

2008-07-13 Day 14 Resting in Boise (1)

2008-07-13 Day 14 Resting in Boise (27)

2008-07-13 Day 14 Resting in Boise (28)

2008-07-13 Day 14 Resting in Boise (29)

After the service several of us went down to the river. Here we went swimming and diving in the frigid water. In the hot weather there were many people tubing down the quick current in the river. Over the course of an hour we saw over several hundred people go by. We jumped off a tall concrete piller into the water. Several of us would jump at just the right spot by tubers just to get them wet.

2008-07-13 Day 14 Resting in Boise (33)

It's interesting to notice how dry everything is and then the life and green that is brought to life by water. Irrigation is essential for keeping crops alive. This water comes at a premium, so much so that a local official drives around to each farm and gives them there allotted water each day. I'm interested in information if anyone knows how this works.

I also did laundry today. It took 40 minutes to get to the laundromat and back. Since it is so dry here I dried it on my tent. How come I can't do my laundry this quick at home?

2008-07-13 Day 14 Resting in Boise (37)

Also, thanks to everyone who has been commenting on here and encouraging me. It means a lot to me. I'd love to respond to you individuals but as it is I barely have enough time to blog. Plus, Its important to me to spend time exploring the local area.



2008-07-13 Day 14 Resting in Boise (38)

Notice above how everyone is highly utilizing the shade. Even though it was 6 at night, the sun was still very strong so we all are leaping between shade trying to stay in its dark coolness.

2008-07-13 Day 14 Resting in Boise (39)

Above is dinner at camp.

Last night (Saturday), I volunteered at a local group who provides housing, shelter, meals, recovery programs and support for homeless individuals. They ended up have enough people so for the night ended up being more beneficial for us.

Remember you can still participate by making a donation here.

Also check out more of my photos here.


Anonymous said...

Good luck on your journey! Smooth roads, tailwinds, and more downhill than uphill...OK, so that last one might be physically impossible...but all the best anyway!


Anonymous said...

Tena H. and I have been reading your blog and think it is great. Also, enjoying all your pictures. We are biking every day and think of you when we do.