Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 24 Dinosaur to Craig

Distance Biked Today:  88.16 miles

Time Spent Biking:  7:58

Avg Speed: 10.9  mph

Max speed: 43.9 mph

Total Distance Biked: 1427 miles

It rained a little bit today. Here you can see what happens to our bikes when it rains.

2008-07-23 Day 24 Dinosaur to Craig 005

Actually someone had their bike on the ground when it rained and it left this shadow.

2008-07-23 Day 24 Dinosaur to Craig 012

Today I rode with Dave and Liz Meyer. I had a great time and it made the long boring day go faster. Thanks for making it fun! Especially on the long straight roads.

2008-07-23 Day 24 Dinosaur to Craig 014

Can you figure out what this sign means?

2008-07-23 Day 24 Dinosaur to Craig 015

As we came into Craig we had a fierce headwind and we saw dark clouds looming in the distance. Later at night, as I wrote some blog posts I could see lightning off in the distance. It was relaxing to watch.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this yet, but I am continuously saying "where are we?" This tour is so fast that I basically get up, bike, get to camp, eat, setup and get ready for morning, and sleep. So all the days blend together and I confuse where I am.

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Unknown said...

I would guess 'No Hazardous Cargo' even though it's supposed to be an HM that's crossed out (for hazardous material).

Dave said...

Thanks for the info. I guess you could say 'i would hazard the guess....'